Grafik Blog New Netflix Social Media Icon Logo Picture
Netflix Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Social Media
Netflix faced a challenge — how to fit its logo into something so small, yet retain its visual identity.
Grafik Blog New So You Want To Be A Futurist Picture
So you want to be a futurist...
Most predictions about the future are terribly wrong. Still, in this ever-changing technological environment, here's some food for thought.
Grafik Blog New Naval Research Laboratory Brand Launch Photo
NRL Brand Launch
We have proudly launched the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's new brand. We look forward to continuously partnering with NRL to bring this brand to li...
Grafik Blog New Photo of Google IO 2016
Google IO 2016: Learning Curve Meets UX
Google IO 2016 just took place. One of our developers dives into Google Assistant and Instant App and their implications for the future.
New Instagram Logo Grafik Blog Photo
OMG. Instagram is (finally) evolving.
Instagram launched a new logo and, naturally, the Internet is breaking over it. Read more to learn senior UX Designer, Scott's take.
Grafik Blog New Are You Being Challenged Photo
If you aren’t being challenged, you’re with the wrong agency
Are you with a branding agency that's focused on pleasing you...or challenging you? If it's the former, it might be time to change.
Grafik Blog New 8 Step Business Guide Snapchat
Your Business' 8 Step Guide to Snapchat
With over 100 million daily active users watching more than 6 billion videos a day, Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks around.
Grafik Blog To Gate or Not to Gate Content Marketing
Should You Give Away Content for Free?
Content marketing and marketing automation rely on form conversions from your website. This post outlines which content is best to gate with a form.
Grafik Blog Best Identities of 2015
Best Identities of 2015
Before we settle too deep into 2016, we thought we’d look at three of 2015’s most visible brand updates—plus a less-well known favorite of mine.
Grafik Blog Top 100 Rebrands
Grafik Honored Among Top 100 Rebrands
REBRAND named its 2016 REBRAND 100® on Monday, and included the work we did with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Waldron Private Wealth.
Should brands be bilingual grafik blog
Should brands be bilingual?
By 2050, 30% of the U.S. population will be Hispanic. That’s huge. Most Hispanic millennials consider themselves bicultural, but what does that mean?
Blog Workspace Grafik Photo
Putting the Fun in Functional Comfort
Fun fact: the cubicle (or “Action Office System” as it was once known) was not invented to make people feel like soulless drones.