Uber Rebranded Logo Image - Grafik
Uber Leaves Loyal Users on the Curb
I hadn’t noticed the new icon on my phone, but the email that popped up in the wee small hours of the day certainly caught my attention:
Young man using virtual reality headset
Through The New Looking Glass
Virtual reality is more accessible than ever giving marketers the opportunity to design truly engaging and memorable experiences for their audience.
Emoji tears of joy
Emoji: The Literary Renaissance
Emoji have become a staple of Millennial communication. Learn how you can integrate this culture phenomenon into your brand marketing efforts.
EYA Grosvenor Heights rendering
Level Up! Raising the Bar on Virtual Home Tours
Award winning real estate developer EYA leverages drone technology for an innovative approach to real estate property selling and virtual home tours.
Young woman playing guitar
The Parker — More Than A Residence, It's a Lifestyle
Read how MRP was able to reach their target audience by looking at marketing their new apartment community through a different lens.
Grafik wins W3 Awards
Grafik Wins Big at the 2015 W³ Awards
Grafik won W3 Awards for our work for CFF, IAP, Waldron Private Wealth, The Frasier by Bozzuto, EYA's Montgomery Row, OpenGov in 2015!
New Verizon logo after rebrand
Are We Rushing Online to Judge the Latest Brands?
Does Verizon's new logo miss the mark? Or has the public judged the rebrand too quickly online?
Google's new logo mark after rebranding
Goodbye Little G
Gregg reacts to Google's new logo and discusses the acceptance of a new logo after a rebrand.
Old logo of Google and subsidiaries before launching Alphabet
Alphabet or Alphabet Soup? 3 Reasons this is a Smart Brand Move for Google
3 reasons why Google's a new brand structure will allow for the company to grow, incubate, and innovate in new ways.
New website for EYA Grosvenor Heights
Websites Have Floorplans Too
With over 10 years of designing websites with real estate mogul EYA, our most recent property website for Grosvenor Heights continues to impress.
The Grafik team posing for the Baby Battle Royale live design competition
Designing a Baby (Shower)
Grafik designed a baby shower as a live design competition to celebrate Art Director Efrat's baby girl. They dubbed the competition, "Baby Battle Roya...
Male taking photo of elephant
For Whom the Phone Streams
Read the pros and cons of Periscope and learn if it is the right platform for your brand to explore.