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Grafik is the branding agency that defines and develops brands, driving engagement across every channel. Here, brand and digital co-exist without compromise. What does this mean for your company? Everything.


Simplicity as a differentiator


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Uber Rebranded Logo Image - Grafik
Uber Leaves Loyal Users on the Curb
I hadn’t noticed the new icon on my phone, but the email that popped up in the wee small hours of the day certainly caught my attention:
Young man using virtual reality headset
Through The New Looking Glass
Virtual reality is more accessible than ever giving marketers the opportunity to design truly engaging and memorable experiences for their audience.
Emoji tears of joy
Emoji: The Literary Renaissance
Emoji have become a staple of Millennial communication. Learn how you can integrate this culture phenomenon into your brand marketing efforts.
EYA Grosvenor Heights rendering
Level Up! Raising the Bar on Virtual Home Tours
Award winning real estate developer EYA leverages drone technology for an innovative approach to real estate property selling and virtual home tours.
  • “The folks from Grafik are smart, thoughtful, and caring—a wicked combination to help bring out your organization’s intellectual and visual wow.”

    Zachary Bookman, CEO, opengov
  • “Grafik’s rebrand of Waldron is beautiful, professional, and strategic. But what’s most impressive is that it is absolutely true to who we are and how we relate to our clients. It was as if they were in our heads all along.”

    Matthew Helfrich, President, Waldron Private Wealth
  • “Grafik is actually much more than a branding and advertising firm. They are branding consultants, who apply strategy for success.”

    Douglas Kitani, CEO, IAP