What makes you so special?

To stand out from the crowd, you need to focus on the right idea. The one that will inspire internal teams, fuel customer engagement, and drive brand loyalty.


Grafik is the go-to branding firm for mid-sized organizations at the top of their industries. They rely on our expertise in research, strategy, positioning, messaging, creative, and marketing to help them develop authentic brand expressions and complex multichannel marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Brand Strategy

Identifying your organization’s unique value

Target Segmentation
Brand Architecture
Brand Definition & Positioning
Corporate Mantra

Brand Identity

  Ensuring consistency visually and verbally  

Logo Design
Visual Identity
UX Design

Brand Marketing

Clearly communicating benefits only you can offer

Content Curation


Design in Service of Understanding, Dyslexie Font

Design in Service of Understanding

Ashley Hooker | Anything + Everything | No Comments
I’m a graphic designer. I am also dyslexic. The second fact is a lot more common than the first—it’s estimated that about 10% of the world’s population is affected by...
Grafik's installation that reads "Ties that Bind" to promote our fundraising efforts to give back to the Continuum Fund.

Giving Back To Someone Who’s Given So Much

Rachel Semenov | Anything + Everything | No Comments
The installation that greets every visitor to our office is more than just the nails and string that weave across the lobby wall. It’s an homage to our founder, Judy...
Practical Wisdom for Young Designers

Practical Wisdom for Young Designers

Greg Spraker | Anything + Everything | 1 Comment
It’s a sad reality that schools are ill equipped to impart some of the necessary practices that make a truly successful designer—and I don’t mean the kind of success that...
Ties that Bind Continuum Fund

Ties that Bind. Transforming the Continuum Fund.

Mila Arrisueño | Anything + Everything | No Comments
I’ve learned a lot as part of the Grafik team for nearly 10 years, but nothing as important as the value of giving back to our design community. I owe...