What makes you so special?

To stand out from the crowd, you need to focus on the right idea. The one that will inspire internal teams, fuel customer engagement, and drive brand loyalty.


Grafik is the go-to branding firm for mid-sized organizations at the top of their industries. They rely on our expertise in research, strategy, positioning, messaging, creative, and marketing to help them develop authentic brand expressions and complex multichannel marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Brand Strategy

Identifying your organization’s unique value

Target Segmentation
Brand Architecture
Brand Definition & Positioning
Corporate Mantra

Brand Identity

  Ensuring consistency visually and verbally  

Logo Design
Visual Identity
UX Design

Brand Marketing

Clearly communicating benefits only you can offer

Content Curation


Mikah Sellers Visual Content: Part 4 — Instagram

Visual Content: Part 4 — Instagram

Mikah Sellers | Brand Marketing | No Comments
Marketers now have the power to tell their story with imagery—and in real time—thanks to Instagram. See how some brands boost engagement using exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage. Watch the video below:
Mikah Sellers Visual Content: Part 4 — Pinterest

Visual Content: Part 3 — Pinterest

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​Pinterest exploded onto the scene to become an invaluable marketing tool when used correctly. Discover how some of the top Pinners and brands leverage Pinterest:​
Mikah Sellers Storyscaping With Apps

Storyscaping With Apps

Mikah Sellers | Brand Marketing | No Comments
Nike effectively incorporated storyscaping (story + value + experience) into their new app, Nike SB, allowing them to infiltrate a new market. The app allows new and experienced skateboarders to...
Why the “Buy” Button Will Change Twitter Landscape Forever

Why the “Buy” Button Will Change the Twitter Landscape Forever

Amanda Brooks | Brand Marketing | No Comments
Twitter: the real-time, 140-character social media platform misunderstood by some and overused by others, is now engaging users directly through e-commerce. Facebook and Pinterest have already done so, and now...