The iPhone Experiment: The Issue at Hand

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First of all, thank you to all of you for your interest and concern. I can’t say that I’m really surprised by everyone’s shock or concern about giving up the iPhone—we all rely on smartphones, and the thought of going without is hard to bear.

Second of all, there seems to be some confusion about why I would put myself through all of this. So let me explain in a nutshell what the issue is:

  1. I dropped and shattered my iPhone 3G back in December.
  2. I qualified for an AT&T “upgrade credit” in January.
  3. I hoped to limp along on my shattered iPhone until the new iPhone 4 is released this summer.
  4. My shattered 3G stopped working all together despite every attempt I could make to revive it 3 weeks ago.
  5. I needed a phone ASAP so went to AT&T and used my upgrade credit to buy the 3GS.
  6. Earler this week, the whole Gizmodo stolen iPhone circus began and I watched the video about the iPhone 4.
  7. I immediately wanted said iPhone but cannot afford to pay full price for it this summer.
  8. If I return my 3GS within 30 days of purchase in “new”-ish condition, I get my money back and will save my upgrade credit.
  9. My 30 days expires on April 25.
  10. Once I return the 3GS I will need a functioning phone (see #4) and will be smartphone-less until the iPhone 4 comes out.
  11. I will cover how I am coping with no smartphone in this blog series.

Hopefully this explains the issue at hand and why I am going through this process. Giving back the iPhone will not only make me look forward to the iPhone 4 that much more, it will be an interesting social experiment (for those who know me well) on how I cope without having instant access to information.

Hit me up with comments or email if you have other questions!

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