Weekly Social Media Review: TV Goes Social, Twitter's Fresh iPad Look, and New Players in Analytics

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Acquisitions Get Social TV Rolling
LocalResponse, a social advertising platform that aggregates public posts and “check-ins” across multiple platforms, announced last week its acquisition of social TV startup Philo Media Corporation. This comes a few weeks after Yahoo’s announcement of its acquisition of IntoNow, a company also pioneering in social TV. Both startups allow users to “check-in” to specific shows in the world of television and, therefore, have the ability to see and share with friends what they are watching. As an avid follower of certain TV shows, I’m very curious to see how this new trend evolves and if and how it will integrate with other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But, I’m not quite sure if I want everyone to know that I’m a closet Glee-k! I mean, would you?  Source





Twitter Gets A Shiny New HTML5 Interface For The iPad
Twitter announced via tweet last week that they will be rolling out the new web app in the coming week. Exploiting the features of HTML5, the new look resembles the interface of the recently updated iPhone app with the multiple-column view as compared  to the existing mobile site’s single column view on the tablet. More details on new features have not been released, but you can view TechCrunch’s exclusive preview hereS0urce

New Analytics Services Playground and PageLever Hit The Market
Analytics seems to be the hot topic this past week with two new social media analytics services entering the market—Playground and PageLever.

Developed by PeopleBrowsr, Playground is a soup-to-nuts measurement platform that is comprised of four key features—Analytics, Search, Engagement, and Grid. Officially launched last Tuesday, the dashboard showcases itself as highly customizable with the Spaces feature that allows tracking of multiple accounts across different social media outlets; and the Dropbox feature that allows for personalized workspace with the ability to drag and drop streams, lists, and other components. Playground is not that easy on the eyes, but makes up with its extensiveness, boasting of the only data mine with a 1,000 day data store in the industry. Source

Also launched last week, PageLever claims to be Facebook Insights on “steroids” incorporating  the existing Facebook Insights and diving deeper in reporting and understanding one’s activity. The PageLever dashboard is comprised of four areas—Growth, Visibility, Engagement, and Posts. The feature that I found particularly interesting is the ability to zoom into a view of all the activity in a particular day of interest which allows for a closer look at why or why not your fans are engaging with your posts. Source




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