Memoirs of a Lego Aficionado

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This morning I decided to bring my red Ferrari to work today. Sure it makes a bold statement, but hey, that’s who I am. I parked it next to my green garbage truck (complete with a blue dumpster) containing Lotso the bear and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3. Okay, so by now you’ve figured out that it’s obviously not a $300,000 car. Better yet, they’re only Legos. Wait, only Legos you say?! Blasphemy! For a man with such class and distinction as I have, I must say these tiny plastic molded gems helped build the man I am today and continue to be.

When I was a wee lad all but maybe six years old, I received my first Lego set—a gift that would forever change my life. From that point on, birthdays, Christmas holidays, and any spare change meant I was getting a new Lego set. I loved Legos; I loved following the instructions to put sets together. I loved devoting hours of my time to honing my craft as a “Lego Aficionado”. However, what I loved more was the three giant bins full of hundreds, if not thousands, of small pieces from where my creativity was endless. My brothers and I even had an entire room in my house just for building our creations. We built everything from models of marinas on the water complete with boats and jetskis, to roller coasters in amusement parks, and even a model of Jurassic Park!

In all honesty, I still love to buy new sets to this day. I can be found digging through boxes of “gold” with my little cousins picking out pieces that are, well, “cool,” and that’s where I start when constructing with Legos. Once I have selected enough interesting pieces, I just go at it. The beauty is that the various pieces dictate what I am destined build, with no preconceived ideas or instructions. It’s pure free-form Lego creativity at its best.

So what do Legos have to do with anything? Legos have continuously provided me with a creative outlet all my life. Today, I am still in love with these toys simply because they have always been the greatest form of expression of my creativity since I was six years old. I rely on artfulness in my professional career, so it helps to have other ways that are carefree and relaxing to release my creativity—that, or I’m still just a big kid that hasn’t grown up.

Next on my list is the Lego Death Star—3,803 glorious shiny pieces of immortal plastic that await me! I’m not a Star Wars fanatic by any means—I just simply want to see how long it takes me to build it. Did I mention it has 3,803 pieces?

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