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Rebranding a Startup for Market Entry

Rebranding a Startup for Market Entry

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Working with a startup is always an exciting exercise and our collaboration with Carsquare, an automobile meta-search engine, was no exception. Carsquare, like many startups, was founded in the proverbial “garage”. They focused all of their initial resources on software development, and once the company received their initial round of venture funding, they recruited Grafik to create a consumer-facing brand.

Over the past five months the Grafik team has worked with the founders’ to ensure their innovative thinking transforms the market. The mantra we developed, ‘Search them all. Find the one.’, encapsulates the product’s dual strengths, a uniquely robust platform and a customized user experience. By incorporating a magnifying glass into the logo, we reinforce the notion that—in one place—consumers can now see cars from all of the top automotive sites, access reviews and advice, and save the results of their searches.
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The Optimist: Happiness Day 21

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I couldn’t be writing this blog post at a more interesting time. I’m right in the middle of the busiest month of the year for me. It’s been a hectic week so I’m left much more sleep deprived than usual; I’m emotionally preparing myself to be with my family this weekend for my father’s birthday who passed away last year; and, I just had my first car accident EVER coming into work this morning (I’m still a little shaken up, but I’m not injured). Even for a self-professed optimist, it would be quite difficult to stay positive and not get a little frustrated.

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I am Wonderfilled

Posted by | Advertising, Branding, News, Social Media | No Comments newest campaign from Oreo captured my attention last Sunday night when the anthem spot (a 90-second commercial) aired during Mad Men. The infectious tune has played in my head for almost a week now. And when I don’t hear it in my brain, my wife is actually singing it out loud.

So what is it about this campaign that’s so brilliant? Well, for one, it’s well executed. The Martin Agency has married smart lyrics and happy melody with vibrant animation. It’s impossible not to smile when you watch the commercials.

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LinkedIn Endorsements

Endorsements. It’s Nothing Personal.

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I feel like I am back at the early days of Facebook when the number of friends you had was a measure of your stature. Now the currency is the number of LinkedIn endorsements you receive.

At first, I was somewhat amused to see who was endorsing me for the different skills that I put up on my LinkedIn page. But soon, that amusement turned to bewilderment. If someone endorses me, do I have to endorse them back? What if I don’t really think their work is worth endorsing? What if I do not know them or have not worked with them? Is it bad behavior or poor manners not to re-endorse someone? What if I get endorsed by someone who has not worked with me in 10-15 years; is the endorsement really worth anything? Read More


Hottest Woman Ever

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Google “hottest woman ever” and you will see a picture of Jena, my buddy Eric Weaver‘s wife. Jena is definitely hot, but this is only her passport photo and still it’s usually the first Google search result. Check it out here or just search “hottest woman ever” on Google.

Eric is SVP Social Strategy & Intelligence at IPG Mediabrands. He posted this image of Jena on Flickr in 2005 and frequently refers to it in speaking engagements to make the point that Google loves engagement. Read More

SEC Finally Dips A Toe Into The Social Media Age

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The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, was proud that his company had hit over 1 billion hours of video watching in one month. He posted a congratulatory note on his personal Facebook account praising his team for his hard work, and that 43 word message resulted in a slap on the hand from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) saying that he broke the Regulation Fair Disclosure act that requires a company to disclose information to all investors at the same time. While he has over 200,000 followers on his personal Facebook page, it is not an official corporate sanctioned page—and the 1 billion hour record could have been deemed insider information. However, if he had followed up his casual praise with a press release on the company page, all would be well. Read More


All In Good Fun: Big Names Get In On April Fools’ Action

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April Fools’ Day: a day to celebrate a bit of lighthearted fun. To some, it’s just another day; to many, it’s an afterthought; but then there are those select few dedicated souls who await this day all year with eager anticipation, spending weeks (or months) plotting the perfect practical joke. To those, we commend you for your efforts, and thank you for providing the rest of us with a source of entertainment to brighten up the workday. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite pranks from this year: Read More