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Grafik Chosen to Develop Branding for Women’s Campaign International

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Alexandria, VA — July 1, 2009. Grafik Marketing Communications, the DC/Metro area-based marketing communications shop has been named agency of record for the Philadelphia-based non-profit, Women’s Campaign International (WCI). Founder and former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies chose the Grafik Team because of their keen ability to compassionately get to the heart of the brand, creating an identity and communications platform that commands market share and increases awareness in a highly-competitive sector.

“In a short time, Grafik has not only become experts on WCI, our work and our peers – but has been able to get to the essence of our brand and help us see how to distinguish ourselves to our supporters, donors and governmental grant-making bodies ,” says Margolies, who is herself, not only a former NBC reporter and five-time Emmy Award Winner, but a best-selling author. “They completely understand cause-branding and we look forward to working with them as a partner for many years to come.”

Since its founding in 1998, WCI led by Margolies, has focused its passion and resources on increasing the participation of women in political and democratic processes worldwide. Even as successful initiatives are fulfilled, the need and opportunity for new programs continues to grow. And after 11 years of operating on boundless conviction, WCI’s leadership has concluded that building a larger, broader base of support and funding is essential. At their last major event in NY, WCI honored many well-respected female luminaries such as Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem and Geraldine Ferraro to name just a few.

“Grafik has always been concerned with doing important work, and as a woman-owned company, we are particularly committed to working with WCI,” says Grafik founder and CEO, Judy Kirpich. “We believe that working with WCI will not only make them more effective, but it will make Grafik a stronger company, keeping us close to our founding mission and contributing to make the world a better place for us all to live in.”

Grafik will redefine the brand identity and strategy, from logo to interactive presence. Additionally, Grafik will be assisting with PR messaging and the WCI annual fundraiser in November 2009 featuring luminaries in the field and to be attended by policy-makers, opinion-leaders and superstar spokespeople in women’s issues. For more information on donating to or creating strategic partnerships with WCI, please contact Kerri Kennedy at 215.387.2602 or go to

Editors Note:
Women’s Campaign International (WCI) is a United States-based, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to incorporating women into political, democratic and decision-making processes worldwide to impact legislative agendas. WCI works toward this goal by promoting and assisting women leaders at all levels in post-conflict countries with the skills and knowledge needed to influence policy, laws and social issues in the areas of education, environment, healthcare, social welfare, women’s, children’s and family issues.

Grafik working with the American Marketing Association in DC.

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advertisementSo, upon moving to the DC area, I immediately got involved with the AMA-DC. This was something that I did in Miami with the Ad Club when I first started in the agency business. It was awesome. I was the chair for the ADDYs, met tons of folks in my industry, got lots of business and learned a lot. Here in DC when the opportunity came around for me to work similarly with the AMA—I jumped on it—and I have been bringing a few of my Grafik colleagues along with me. The AMA was interested in getting some fresh blood and new, innovative programming—so I came up with the ThinkFood Discussion Table Networking Series – sponsored by Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup Restaurants and DC Magazine. The event, equal parts marketing discussion and networker will feature industry leaders hosting a conversation in a very intimate atmosphere. Our first event on July 30 is hosted by my new dear friend (and diametrically opposed thinker whom I greatly respect) Tucker Carlson – who is back on Fox News (sans bowtie) and who is launching his own news site to compete with the Huffingtons and the Drudges of the world. Knowing Tucker—it will get heated up about something. He is provocative to say the least.

flyer-2009-06dcmaginvite1I want to send shout outs to Greg Appler—our VP Interactive who is getting involved in producing programming in the Interactive and Social Media arena for AMA-DC (stay tuned—we’ll let you know when that is happening) – and Alex Diaz- a designer at Grafik who is working with me to create amazing promotional materials for the event to be placed in DC Magazine and for interactive promos. So, for any of you who would like to start to network with other smart marketing folks and have interesting discussion over a great meal – check out and sign up. It’s gonna be a good time.