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Building Awareness for the Matthew Shepard Foundation

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For the past 5 years, I’ve recruited our designers here at Grafik to help promote a grass roots event I co-chair in Rehoboth Beach called “Erase Hate.” It’s a benefit supporting the Matthew Shepard Foundation with the goal of spreading a message of understanding, compassion and acceptance.

Each year we’ve seen the event grow in both attendance as well as in dollars raised. Last year, the Foundation adopted the logo Grafik’s James Wilson created (see below); it’s now on several items in their online store. The logo merges hand-drawn type with a powerful message—hatred isn’t something you are born with, it is something that is taught. The striking red line through the word “Hate” symbolizes three things: the blood shed by Matthew Shepherd, the power of erasing hatred from one’s heart, and the love and passion of a mother who lost her son too soon.
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Think you’ve developed the perfect name?

Looking for the perfect name?

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We’ve been doing a lot of naming over the past few months—enough to keep several of us up at night. It’s a pretty tricky business, after all. It always has been. And while many organizations are determined to develop options internally, naming is not for the faint of heart. Without a clear strategic approach, it can quickly become unfocused and unmanageable.

Of course, as naming experts, we would always recommend having an objective partner to support the effort. But because you may insist on working without a net, here are a few questions to consider. If you can answer yes to all four, then your new name may be a winner.
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Rebranding a Startup for Market Entry

Rebranding a Startup for Market Entry

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Working with a startup is always an exciting exercise and our collaboration with Carsquare, an automobile meta-search engine, was no exception. Carsquare, like many startups, was founded in the proverbial “garage”. They focused all of their initial resources on software development, and once the company received their initial round of venture funding, they recruited Grafik to create a consumer-facing brand.

Over the past five months the Grafik team has worked with the founders’ to ensure their innovative thinking transforms the market. The mantra we developed, ‘Search them all. Find the one.’, encapsulates the product’s dual strengths, a uniquely robust platform and a customized user experience. By incorporating a magnifying glass into the logo, we reinforce the notion that—in one place—consumers can now see cars from all of the top automotive sites, access reviews and advice, and save the results of their searches.
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