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Think you’ve developed the perfect name?

Looking for the perfect name?

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We’ve been doing a lot of naming over the past few months—enough to keep several of us up at night. It’s a pretty tricky business, after all. It always has been. And while many organizations are determined to develop options internally, naming is not for the faint of heart. Without a clear strategic approach, it can quickly become unfocused and unmanageable.

Of course, as naming experts, we would always recommend having an objective partner to support the effort. But because you may insist on working without a net, here are a few questions to consider. If you can answer yes to all four, then your new name may be a winner.
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The different interaction points consumers have with your brand.

Brand Evolution in the Era of the Enlightened Consumer

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Evolving a brand is not always a simple undertaking. It’s not just navigating clients through the process. Regardless of the project, brand marketers are becoming increasingly astute at understanding what I call “The Enlightened Consumer.” This consumer is exceedingly conscious of marketing and takes their relationships with brands very personally.

As these relationships become more complex, so do the ways in which we bring brand experiences to our audiences. Keeping in mind that the Enlightened Consumer (EC) is on a journey with your brand, what do you want them to say to you and to each other? How do you want them to feel and how do you retain and grow consumer bases as brands evolve?
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Seven Interviews with Mikah Sellers, Grafik SVP of Business Developement

Seven Interviews

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Going for a job at Microsoft, Google, or Facebook, you might expect a rigorous gauntlet of interviews—whiteboard sessions, exercises, and interrogations designed to determine whether or not you meet the lofty standards and fit the corporate culture. You probably wouldn’t expect the same kind of process for a Mid-Atlantic branding agency, though. So when Lance Wain, President of Grafik, invited me for a meetup, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I had met Lance once before when I was VP of Marketing at LEVICK, and worked with Grafik when I was a partner at Doceus. Over a cup of coffee, I learned how the company was quickly evolving into a serious contender in the brand strategy space. Lance told me about his vision, and I was intrigued.
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Happy 100th Birthday AIGA

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Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.52.50 AMIt seems like just yesterday (although it was 30 years ago) that the American Institute of Graphic Artists opened up shop in Washington DC. It was an upstart at the time and seen as a bit of a threat to the already established Metropolitan Washington Art Directors Club – which has since closed up shop. I remember the tussling between the two organizations as this fledgling group started to attract more and more young designers, and many of us at the time kept memberships in both groups to show support to an industry that was changing dramatically. As a young studio owner I enthusiastically attended AIGA meetings, served on the board, served on the advisory board and was eventually awarded the prestigious AIGA Fellows award in 2005. And most recently I was honored to be included in 100 designers who were tasked with representing one year of the 100 years since AIGA was founded. I selected 1940/ You can see a wonderful gallery of the art and artists here.

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EYA Brand Tagline Life Within Walking Distance for blog entry All Hallows Brand

All Hallows Brand

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I have written several posts about one of our signature clients, real estate developer, EYA, and the care that they take with their brand. They have lived by their tagline, Life Within Walking Distance, and it has guided their decisions of which properties they will acquire and develop. They have been excellent stewards of their brand, indoctrinating every new employee or intern on the meaning of the brand and how to bring it to life.

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ADWKDC 10 Advertising Week 2013

We’re at Advertising Week DC 2013

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Advertising Week DC aka ADWKDC is on its 10th year and kicked of last Saturday. The main conference starts today and will feature a number of impressive speakers and panel discussions. I will be on conference floor as part of the onsite social media team posting on behalf of the DC Ad Club, and Grafik (of course!). Come find me and say hello!

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The Great Happiness Experiment—Part Two

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CEO Judy Kirpich and I have been doing daily “happiness” exercises as part of the 21-day challenge. If you’re not familiar with our little social experiment, here’s the intro blog post from last week. Essentially, we get a email every day that sends us to a page asking us to specify three things we are grateful for, detail a happy moment from the day, and write someone a thank you note. And here’s our feedback from the first week.

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