An image from Denny's Tumblr of a one of their restaurants floating in the sky on a plot of land.

A Beginners Guide to Denny’s Tumblr

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Let’s just be real with each other for a second. If you haven’t heard about Denny’s social media campaign, then you’re old (sorry to have to be the one to tell you this).

For the past two years, everyone and their dog has been talking about how Denny’s successfully hit the quirky, lovable, social media gold mine, and quickly became the cut-throat leader of teen “likes” and “reblogs”. And yes, I’m talking about Denny’s the Restaurant. The place you probably brought your kids last weekend for pancakes; or, in early years, where you dragged yourself at 3am after a five hour punk rock battle of the bands to nurse your rapidly approaching hangover with a Grand Slam. Much like delectable breakfast foods, Denny’s just seems to get it. Read More

A cartoon boy explores new hobbies on the computer

Let Yourself Be a Beginner

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In recent years, medical schools began accepting more candidates who hadn’t followed the usual path to becoming a doctor, those who’d taken a few years off to travel or pursued a PhD in dance before discovering their calling was medicine. What they bring to top medical schools and residencies are ways of thinking that can’t be taught in a classroom. Their interdisciplinary studies aren’t holding them back from being professionally competitive—they communicate effectively, are excellent with patients, and report high levels of satisfaction in their work. Read More

Various visual infographics for the blog article "Eye Candy That's Nutritious: Infographics!"

Eye Candy that’s Nutritious: Infographics!

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Infographics have gained a lot of traction as visually stunning and engaging ways to share and communicate information online and in print. Examples of data visualization date as early as 1858, with Florence Nightingale’s “Diagram of the Causes of Mortality” and the works of William Playfair, who are considered the fathers of charts and diagrams. Read More

Blog post on 5 Trends that Will Shape Interactive Design in 2015

5 Trends That Will Shape Interactive Design in 2015

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As an interactive designer at Grafik, best practices for the web are always on my mind. Previously, David Collins posted the “Top five best practices for web design in 2015“; I’m going to expand on #4 on his list, “Make it engaging.” While content and information architecture are extremely important, design plays just as big a role in engagement. Here are the top trends to look for in web design for 2015. Read More

EYA Wins Award for Brand Video: Discover A Better Place to Call Home

Gold Award from NAHB’s National Sales and Marketing Council

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EYA and Grafik took home a 2015 Gold Award from NAHB’s (National Association of Home Builders) National Sales and Marketing Council for their animated brand video “A better place to call home.” Congratulations to the entire EYA team, specifically Bob Youngentob, Preston Innerst and Jennifer McIvor, as well as Grafik team members John Vitorovich, Efrat Levush, Hal Swetnam, and the animation crew at Giant Ant.

Watch the video here.

Blog Post on the Five Top Best Practices for Web Design in 2015

Top Five Best Practices for Website Design in 2015

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When planning for a new website, there are a lot of things to consider if you want reach your goals.

Here are five website design best practices that will help your site succeed:

1. Know your audience and goals.

All websites need to start with a solid strategy and achievable goals. What is the purpose of the site? What are your goals and how will you know you’ve achieved those goals? Selling goods? Brand awareness? Converting leads? Establishing achievable (realistic) goals for your site will set the foundation of how to design the site and write the content that will help you get there.
Read More

Judy Kirpich and her co-worker in Grafik's first office

Transition Planning

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I am not sure why most firms close when owners decide to retire. It has never made sense to me, after all, the clients are still there, employees still want jobs, and just because the “boss” has decided to transition out, there is no reason that a firm cannot continue on. I have seen dozens of design firms and agencies disappear completely, when owners retire and lock the door and leave. I wanted something different. Read More