Chairman of the Board

Founder, Chairman of the Board, and senior strategic consultant to many of our high profile clients, Judy is always in demand. When she’s not at a speaking engagement, she’s at a client’s conference room table, or back here at the ranch doing one of the things she enjoys most — tackling a client’s toughest business challenge or managing a comprehensive branding initiative. Notable engagements include rebrands for JK Moving Services and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as brand launches for Convergent Wealth Advisors and National Museum of the American Indian.


Judy Kirpich and her co-worker in Grafik's first office

Transition Planning

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I am not sure why most firms close when owners decide to retire. It has never made sense to me, after all, the clients are still there, employees still want...
Ties that Bind Continuum Fund

Giving Back to our Community

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There are many kinds of communities: some are determined by proximity and location, some are defined by religion, some by shared interests or politics, and some by avocation. Many of...

Girls Are Not Slaves

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I can not comprehend why there is not more outcry. An article deep inside section one of the Washington Post today reports that the Islamic extremists, Boko Haram, in Nigeria who abducted 300...

Happy 100th Birthday AIGA

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It seems like just yesterday (although it was 30 years ago) that the American Institute of Graphic Artists opened up shop in Washington DC. It was an upstart at the...